Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sock it to me

First SOCKWARS, now Socktoberfest!

I guess I'm a sock maker for real now! I scoffed at the idea of handmade socks for years, now I'm a convert:
  • I finished my "practice" pair for SOCKWARS and wear them ALL the time.
  • I made a quick pair of socks for my neice during a weekend visit.
  • Now I'm trying 2 at a time on circs just to see if it really is faster (jury is still out).
  • I have yarn for 2 more pair waiting for some free needles.
  • found cool website of free sock patterns to try.
  • And of course, SOCKWARS arsenal is ready and waiting!
  • Not exactly sure what Socktoberfest will bring, but sounds good to me.


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