Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Empty Needles

Ta Da! Another pair completed!
I finally (and I mean FINALLY) finished the 2-at-a-time-on-circs pair of socks last night. I've determined this is NOT my favorite way to knit. I'm glad to say I've done it, but there was too much tangling going on for it to be fun. I'll admit it was nice to not have to count rows or keep track of much to insure socks turned out equal and when you're done, you're done with both. But progress seemed so slow, almost discouraging. I doubt if I'll do it again. I'll stick with Cat Bordhi's 2-circ method!!!

So, I'm new to blogging and new to sock-knitting. I haven't quite decided if I'll be one of those who takes pictures of their knitting to post. Seems kinda silly, not knowing if anyone even looks here. But then again... I love to see other knitters' pics....

Then there's another dilemna -- posting secret Christmas projects. I've got 1 finished and 1 (really cool) WIP that I'd love to show, but...will they be seen by the wrong people and thus ruin the surprise? What's a knit-blogger to do?

At least while I'm deciding, I have yarn and empty needles. All that's left is choosing a pattern and casting on.


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