Thursday, February 15, 2007

WELCOME Friends of Lolly

Ok, so we've never met. But it feels like we're friends, since we get daily updates from her. Anyway, it looks like there are lolly readers out there who have stopped by here -- that's soo cool! I'm now encouraged to put better content here, since I know people actually read it -- THANKS! Maybe I'll even get out the camera and put something fun to see here too.

I've been kicking out the Kool-aid dyed socks lately like crazy. The yarn is so much fun to knit -- with suprise colors all along the way! Who would imagine you could get these colors from Kool-aid?!

Peertracker is working for me, and I see there's a bunch of new members of Losin' knit! Very Cool -- we'll do it together! I made this graphic, just can't figure out how to put it on our team page, maybe someone else can convert it to an acceptable type. Wait...maybe I just did. Here it is anyway:

Let's take it off and keep it off!


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