Friday, January 26, 2007

Ok, I'll join

Just signed up for Project Spectrum. Seems like low-pressure fun. With winter well into the grey/white phase, it's fun to think about colors! February/ March colors are Blue/White/Grey -- after looking outside, I guess I'll probably lean in the Blue direction. I've had my fill of white and grey!

Big yarn fun in store for tomorrow -- Gaugina and I are going on a knitter's dream drive. We'll start the day early so we can catch a sale at her favorite store, get some lunch, then head to Lansing for a visit to another store that we found because they sell Blue Moon Yarn, and then our final destination: Yarn Tasting at the shop! We've been looking forward to this for a while -- since we signed up for the Yarn Tasting, not even knowing what that will be! All that yarn, maybe I'll keep the Spectrum in mind if I make any purchases. Plus, since she knows the way better than me (at least that's how I explained it) she'll do the driving. So maybe I'll finish this sock, that I'm making out of this yarn (redwood forest) as a gift for my mom's birthday. Then it'll be back to knitting koolaid-dyed yarn into socks for the kids.


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