Friday, November 03, 2006

Socktoberfest Report

Well I wasn't quite as proficient at sock-knitting as I had hoped for this month. I did, however complete 1.5 pair and hope to take pictures soon. I am enjoying wearing the socks whenever possible. Really can't believe how much I like them! Even the ones that turn out to have a less-than-perfect fit!

Other knitting progress: Christmas project #2 is finished (well except for the loose ends). I've NEVER been so efficient! My husband says I should put the first one in the mail now, to be sure it gets there on time, since I've been known to send packages late. Isn't he funny!

Now, to knit something for a baby boy. How exciting! I gave a "Knit IOU" at the baby shower since we didn't know what color (pink or blue) to work with. Now it's time to pay up. Maybe a hat with ear flaps?

Now for some totally un-knit-related news. Main Dish Kitchen is now one of my favorite places to hang out! You go there and assemble food to stock your freezer! They do the shopping, chopping and clean-up! What busy working Family could ask for more? Plus the food is good and reasonably priced!!! I'm going there tonight to try their new November recipes. Can't wait. Check it out if there's one in your area. They also have an awesome Meals With a Mission practice of giving meals to needy! I'm about ready to become their SpokesModel -- I just can't say enough good about the place!


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