Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It is just like chips and dip

You know what I mean. When you are eating chips and dip, invariably they never both run out at the same time. You run out of chips with dip still left, but if you go get more chips, then your dip runs out before you are done with the chips. It is difficult to gauge it so they both run out at the same time.

Well I am experiencing the knitters version of this same situation. I bought a ball of Katia Mexico (Tutti Fruiti) to make this baby hat and these mitts. Then thought I better pick up a second ball, you know, just in case.... Then famous last words "I can always return it if I do not use it" (yeah right!) This line is said only to help ease the pain at the register, nobody actually believes it!

Ok, so you know this piece of the story, I finished the baby items and had an entire ball of yarn leftover. There is no way I would return it, it's too beautiful! So I decided to make this hat for my neice so I can learn entrelac on a small project and use the leftover yarn from hat #1.

Of course, now I have the "dip" but need to go get more "chips"...yes, I'm half way through the second hat and out of yarn. How much more to get??? It looks like the hat will be way too big if I continue the prescribed number of rows. I'm just going to have to make a good guess at how much more to buy: just enough to finish without having enough leftover to almost complete another project! Maybe the hat will just get a really big pompom on top :)


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