Friday, November 10, 2006

In a blink...

Can't believe I'm the mother of a Senior!!! The future that seemed so far away just snuck up on me! It kind of feels like the dominos are starting to fall. First this, in two years another one, two more years another one, and two more after that and the last one will be posing for Senior Pictures! In a blink it'll all be over. It's exciting and fun times, but man -- no blinking allowed!

Of course that's just me. To her, it's taken a lifetime to get to this point. She has grown, matured, cut a few apron strings, and is ready for the next step (or she will be once we get the college plans nailed down). I'm quite proud of her and the young adult she is becoming! Here she is with her painting that won the honor of hanging at MASB (in Lansing) for a year.

Tomorrow we go to Grand Rapids to check out Grand Valley State University and to see some art critics about her artwork (National Portfolio Day). I totally enjoy her company so tomorrow should be a great day!

On the knitting front...another case of "if you blink, you'll miss it". I got to help a friend frog a mistake (note: not her mistake, but the pattern's) because she likes the way I can make a ball of yarn that pulls from the center. One minute...an afternoon's worth of knitting with a few cabling issues...BLINK...and it's just ribbing with a ball of yarn attached (that pulls so nicely from the center).


  • Yeah, and some day you'll teach me how to make the "Little Jack Horner" balls of yarn! Muchos gracias.

    By Blogger Gaugina, at 9:07 AM  

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