Monday, April 02, 2007

Poseymom's Challenge

Funny thing...On PeerTrainer, someone suggested I commit to 15 minutes of exercise -- just once, to get the exercise ball rolling. Well, I misunderstood, and thought it was a challenge of 15 minutes/day for 1 week. Sounded easy enough! So, I spread the word through my other groups. Some are adding longer daily workouts. Others are adding a longer commitment! People are really doing this! VERY COOL. And today I read that they're calling it Poseymom's Challenge!

Sad part is, the initial challenge was 2 weeks ago, and I haven't exercised a minute AT ALL! I guess if the challenge is going to be named after me, I'll have to actually do it. Shame -- now that's a great motivator!

New month = fresh start.
So, today is Day 1 of Poseymom's challenge, and I WILL EXERCISE at least 15 minutes tonight!

...stay tuned...


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